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WESTMARC—the Western Maricopa Coalition—is a public-private partnership of the 15 communities, the business community and the educational sector in the West Valley of Greater Phoenix. WESTMARC is committed to our members’ success and to our mission of enhancing economic development and promoting quality of life in the West Valley. 

Upcoming Events



Arizona Organizing Committee
College Football Playoff 2016Brad W AOC16

Brad Wright, volunteer Co-Chairman of the Arizona Organizing Committee and WESTMARC Board and Executive committee member, presented information on the 2016 National College Football playoffs at the June Board of Directors meeting held at Glendale Community College. Click on the links, below, to view the video and a pdf of the presentation:


View the YouTube Video:

  PDF of the Presentation:

Rudy                       AOC2015                 
The College Football Playoff -- Rudy's Dream
  Arizona Organizing Committee 2016

WESTMARC is pleased to announce our 11th Annual Golf Classic will be held Friday, September 25, at the Palm Valley Golf Club in Goodyear. Sponsorship opportunities are available - please contact Ashley Scott at 623.435.0431 x202 or via e-mail at events@westmarc.org for details.

Click on the image to visit the Golf Classic web page.