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West Valley Workforce

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West Valley Pipeline

The West Valley Pipeline is a regional workforce development strategy that serves as the guiding document in developing an educated skilled workforce, moving the region forward in a competitive fashion, attracting new businesses and creating excellent career opportunities for residents.

West Valley Pipeline: Executive Summary

West Valley Pipeline Report

Year One: 2019 Update

West Valley Pipeline Report

Year Two: 2020 Update

West Valley Pipeline Report

Year Three: 2021 Update

West Valley Pipeline Report

Year Four: 2022 Update

Industry Employer Collaborative

An Industry Employer Collaborative is a group of businesses within a single industry that gather to discuss common or shared talent attraction and retention challenges. Industry Employer Collaboratives are business-led, allowing businesses in a particular industry to identify their specific workforce challenges and potential solutions.


The best participants are those who are actively involved in recruiting talent and/or the hiring decision.


2023  Schedule




December 7


Aerospace & Aviation

West Valley Workforce Success Series

The West Valley Workforce Success Series is a bi-monthly panel discussion webinar where businesses share their talent attraction and retention successes and connect businesses with valuable resources.   Click to see video recordings of previous panel discussions, or to register for upcoming webinars.

Employment & Industry Reports

Business Resource Guide

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