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The West Valley is by far the best place for your business investment! Our community leaders are devoted to ensuring residents enjoy quality housing in well planned, safe neighborhoods with great schools, diverse recreation opportunities, shopping amenities and more. West Valley residents pride themselves on being open, neighborly and civically engaged. Over the next 25 years, 43% of the growth in Maricopa County will occur in the West Valley. Community and business leaders, education partners, and residents are keenly aware of the opportunities this growth will bring to the region. That’s why they work together to ensure the West Valley continues to grow as a high-quality, safe community with multiple offerings for all!

The West Valley offers hundreds of lifestyle activities for residents and visitors each year. Each West Valley city celebrates their unique history, culture and tourism offerings through community festivals, events and activities. From music to culinary festivals, Western to modern day themed events, West Valley communities embrace diversity for all age groups and interests. These communities understand that the social benefits of such gatherings foster community pride, teach people new things, and strengthen relationships.








Residents in the West Valley
of Residents are Workforce Age
Phoenix Residents live West of I-17

“The West Valley has changed dramatically over the last 10-12 years. It’s a different community now in terms of buying power, education levels, workforce availability and jobs.”  

Sintra Hoffman, WESTMARC President & CEO

“The Greater Phoenix region continues to grow in population and economic vitality. Stakeholders are dedicated to working in collaboration to further enhance a growing economy. Opportunities are boundless in the West Valley, as leaders remain vigilant in strategic planning focused on the long-term impacts. Dedicated to infrastructure, emphasis on place-making, and producing talent will serve to elevate the West Valley’s profile to companies looking to expand.”  

Chris Camacho, GPEC President & CEO



The West Valley of Metro Phoenix is rich in sports, entertainment, outdoor recreation, housing, health and fitness, arts and culture, and more! The West Valley Lifestyle Wheel is your interactive resource to the large inventory the assets that exist in this region. Residents and business select their new homes based on a variety of reason, but most importantly, by the quality of life a community offers.
Click below to find information, resources and links to the assets in a particular category.
Education Economic Opportunity Environment Arts & Culture Sports & Entertainment Quality Housing Outdoor Recreation Health & Fitness Healthcare - Access to Care Civic Engagement I N F R A S T R U C T U R E E D U C A T I O J O B S N A T U R A L R E S O U R Y O U N G T A L E N T H E A L T H A N D W E L L - B I E C I V I C P A R T I C I P A T I Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T Y O U N G T A L E N T

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"With I-10 and I-17 designated as Key Commerce Corridors for Arizona, Loop 303 and other freeway improvements in the West Valley allow for this uniquely positioned community to prosper economically. The proposed I-11 and State Route 30 corridors will continue to foster mobility and economic development for a growing region."

John Halikowski, Director
Arizona Department of Transportation

"I love the West Valley because of its vibrant diversity. I have friends from all different cultural and economic backgrounds, and we enjoy a wide range of entertainment, sports, dining, outdoor activities and volunteer opportunities. You name it, we enjoy it in the West Valley. We enjoy living in the sun and going someplace else when we want to visit the snow. "

Joe Cable
Branch Manager, Bowman Consulting

"Arizona State University’s charter acknowledges our role in advancing the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities we serve. We are proud to partner with WESTMARC to explore economic development opportunities, grow a skilled workforce, and enhance the quality of life for West Valley communities and all of Arizona."

Michael M. Crow
President, Arizona State University

"Our top priority to grow our regional economy is to create the talent and workforce needed to attract high-wage jobs for people in the region. The West Valley has one of the most business friendly environments in the country. Through our partnership with WESTMARC, Phoenix has tremendous access to business, elected and education leaders to strengthen this region as one cohesive community."

Daniel Valenzuela
Phoenix City Councilmember, WESTMARC Executive Committee

"Over my 23-year career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in five states. This is by far the most impressive coordination of community leaders’ (private and elected) efforts toward the greater good I’ve had the privilege to witness. When we became the first Level 1 Trauma center in West Valley, it was celebrated and supported by multiple communities and their leaders. Through effective WESTMARC Committee activities, I have had the opportunity to work closely with one of my competitors as we unite towards a common purpose in advancing the West Valley."

Stan Holm
CEO, Abrazo West Campus

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