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WESTMARC Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator
Executive Vice President


WESTMARC’s mission is to promote the West Valley for business attraction and job creation. The organization executes this mission through marketing the region’s assets, quality of life offerings, natural environment, political capital, infrastructure growth and more. WESTMARC’s brand has been built on marketing the West Valley’s assets and positive attributes to promote the region as place of great quality of life and economic opportunity. The purpose of this position is promote WESTMARC’s brand within the state and nationally.

The Digital Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator is responsible for promoting the West Valley’s brand through WESTMARC’s initiatives for business attraction efforts. This position will coordinate marketing efforts and media opportunities for WESTMARC. This position works with the President and CEO, WESTMARC team, and members to position the West Valley for strategic exposure. This position reports to the Executive Vice President.

Member investments are the foundation of WESTMARC’S financial viability. This position is charged with engaging with existing members to ensure their company is highlighted through available WESTMARC promotional mediums.

WESTMARC special events, forums and webinars provide members with key networking and informational opportunities to increase exposure of their organizations. This position will work closely with the Special Events Coordinator and Graphic Designer to promote WESTMARC events for increased awareness, sales and sponsorship opportunities.

The Digital Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator will work with members and key leaders to develop collateral materials reflecting the West Valley’s priority messages; members of the media to identify and secure exposure opportunities and other key stakeholders to promote the region.


This role requires the candidate to be creative, innovative, multi-media savvy, well organized, possess excellent written communications skills, and experienced in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing & Media Relations for WESTMARC’s Brand Exposure:

Deliver consistent messaging to promote West Valley activities, amenities, assets, etc. Deliver consistent social media messaging to promote WESTMARC Board Members, events, special Summits/Forums, Webinars, etc.

• Implement regional marketing strategy for the West Valley and WESTMARC.
• Create and oversee all marketing content for WESTMARC collateral materials and website content to maximize WESTMARC and West Valley.
   o Create and brand all marketing materials for all WESTMARC events.
   o Write press releases, byline articles, and presentations to promote West Valley initiatives and programs.
   o Seek opportunities for WESTMARC and West Valley leaders’ exposure.
   o Award program opportunities – write and submit awards
   o Seek radio interview opportunities
   o If appropriate, television coverage to highlight projects and programs
• Build relationships with key media outlets. Coordinate quarterly Media Roundtable discussions.
• Design marketing collateral in-house for public distribution, i.e. Strategic Plan, West Valley Pipeline Report, Ambassador Program, etc.
• Weekly West Valley Promotion/Communication:
   o Create and distribute West Valley Highlights - Thursday
   o Create and distribute West Valley Gems - Monday
   o Social media marketing: All WESTMARC initiatives, events, meetings, activities, etc.
• Manage and enhance WESTMARC’s social media profile using identified platforms.
   o Consistent message delivery on all communication platforms to include social media, YouTube, website, etc.
   o Generate analytics to measure and direct best SEO opportunities.
   o Research and recommend appropriate platforms, marketing tools best suited.
• Manage any contracts and partnerships associated with supporting these efforts.
• Create annual marketing budget to execute effectively promote the West Valley.
• Develop video story board to promote WESTMARC/West Valley key messaging
   o Work with Graphic Designer on monthly videos to accompany key marketing initiatives

Membership Engagement:

• Cultivate relationships with existing members to remain informed on their mission and assist with promoting their initiatives, through weekly West Valley Headlines, social media videos/messages, marketing materials, etc.
• Serve as staff liaison to the WESTMARC Marketing Committee.
   o Coordinate with Committee Co-chairs on agenda items; flow and progress of work.
• Ensure WESTMARC website is current with membership information.

WESTMARC Signature Events:

• Lead marketing strategies to promote special events and webinars to include:
   o Governor’s State of the State Address
   o WESTMARC Annual Meeting
   o WESTMARC Annual Economic Summit
   o WESTMARC Legislative Breakfast
   o WESTMARC Healthcare Summit
   o Annual Golf Tournament
   o Best of the West Award Dinner
   o WESTMARC sponsored business and community events/meetings
   o Member driven, informational forums, webinars and events
      i. West Valley Hot Topics
      ii. West Valley is Open for Business Virtual Tours
• Sponsorship Fulfillment Reports: Track and report event sponsor exposure
• Coordinate with Special Events Coordinator and Graphic Designer on all event promotional materials to include invitation, webpage, programs, sponsor packets, promotional flyers, etc.

Represent WESTMARC:

• Represent WESTMARC through positive interaction with members and stakeholders.
• Represent WESTMARC at community events.
• Seek leadership roles.

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