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Quality of Life Committee

Ron Castro, West Valley Bank President - BNC National Bank

Committee Co-Chairs: Councilmember Laura Kaino, City of Goodyear and Ron Castro, BNC National Bank

The West Valley Quality of Life Committee is focused on promoting the high quality of life and strong buying power of this region. The Committee will inventory West Valley assets that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors to the state. They are highly aware of the importance of the impact this topic has for decision makers when locating new businesses or expanding existing ones.

"We’ve seen the magnificent outcome of this balance with the preservation of Sunrise Mountain and the White Tank Mountain conservancy, where cities are embracing this opportunity and taking thoughtful steps to plan our cities in ways that ensure today’s residents, and those of tomorrow, will forever have access to the lands, amenities, and heritage that make us so unique."

Cathy Carlat, Mayor, City of Peoria

"A recent national study showed that West Valley nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences contributed $23 million in direct economic activity and more than $2.5 million in local and state government revenues. The arts promote innovation, collaboration and positively impact local economies through education and cultural understanding."

Bernadette Carroll, Executive Director, West Valley Arts Council


The West Valley of Metro Phoenix is rich in sports, entertainment, outdoor recreation, housing, health and fitness, arts and culture, and more! The West Valley Lifestyle Wheel is your interactive resource to the large inventory the assets that exist in this region. Residents and business select their new homes based on a variety of reason, but most importantly, by the quality of life a community offers. Click below to find information, resources and links to the assets in a particular category.
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